Construction Management

KEO also carries out Construction Management and Construction Management At Risk Services, coordinating and overseeing the entirety of a project.  As representative for the Owner, KEO is fully responsible for the progress and completion of the entire scope of work.  KEO brings in only the most qualified sub-contractors for the job and works closely with the Owner to manage both schedule and budget, guaranteeing a highly-organized, cost-effective final product.

General Contracting

KEO carries out General Contracting services, self-performing much of the required labor for a project.  As a General Contractor, KEO is responsible for the entire scope of the project and ensures that all parties involved are working collectively to achieve the same goal.

Design / Build

KEO collaborates with Architecture and Engineering firms to carry out Design-Build projects.  As a growing company, KEO looks at collaborations with other established corporations as an effective approach to building an experienced professional team.  Working together, every aspect of architectural design, engineering and construction are managed and performed from inception to completion by our accomplished team of professionals.

Value Engineering

KEO is dedicated to exploring every possible avenue to save cost.  Working with the Owner, Architect and/or Engineer our Estimators propose quality alternatives that are just as efficient as they are economical.

Pre-Construction Services

KEO is fully aware of the process that takes place before the construction phase of any project.  Our staff is readily available and able to assist in Pre-Construction activities so that we are one hundred percent knowledgeable of the design process ensuring a coherent construction process.


KEO has just completed extensive renovation at Wayne State University Engineering Core Lab. We would thank WSU for the opportunity The Detroit Zoological Society will soon be unveiling the newly completed Belle Isle Nature Center which KEO is on the final leg of completing associated punch list items. Special thanks to DBA and DZS. In July 2013, KEO was awarded the renovation of Owen Jax Community Center in Warren. We thank the City of Warren and look forward to including the City on KEO happy list of satisfied clients.

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