DWSD Randolph Payment Center

Owner: Detroit Water & Sewage Department
Project Cost: $600,000
Completed: December 2007

This fast-track project included the restoration of the historical ceiling mural, marble restoration, new counters and cubicles, hard ceilings, lighting, paneling, seating, window treatments, ADA ramp and brass railings, doors and electrical wiring. This project was completed within one month.

KEO has just completed extensive renovation at Wayne State University Engineering Core Lab. We would thank WSU for the opportunity The Detroit Zoological Society will soon be unveiling the newly completed Belle Isle Nature Center which KEO is on the final leg of completing associated punch list items. Special thanks to DBA and DZS. In July 2013, KEO was awarded the renovation of Owen Jax Community Center in Warren. We thank the City of Warren and look forward to including the City on KEO happy list of satisfied clients.

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