Detroit Public Library - Henry Ford High School Renovation

Owner: Detroit Public Schools
Project Cost: $19.6M
Completed: August 2011

The Detroit Public Library Work on the Henry Ford High School project included replacement of almost all of the exterior windows of the building with a combination of a window/curtain wall and Kalwall panel system. Some areas of the building received new brickwork and new CMU walls and all exterior doors were replaced and equipped with security. There was a semi-circular addition to the cafeteria as well as the creation of an outdoor eating area. The kitchen was renovated and received a new hood and kitchen equipment.
The building’s elevator underwent renovation and upgrades. All classrooms were stripped and renovated to have new flooring, refinishing and repainting of walls and ceilings, new marker boards and new tack boards, new lighting, new network cabling and outlets, new slide projector screens, new public address system, overhaul of the HVAC system and complete overhaul of the security system.
Two new boilers were installed. New Science rooms, Computer rooms and Technology laboratories were created.
For Sustainable Design Education, a Sustainable Courtyard was created. The features of the Sustainable Courtyard include a Green House, a Pavilion with a Green Roof on it, 4 wind turbines and 2 solar panels.
There is also a Bioswale and pervious concrete pavement. Throughout the building, there were major mechanical and electrical upgrades to bring the building up to code. The swimming pool system was upgraded and the flooring and lighting for the Gymnasium were completely re-done.
This was a Keo McCarthy & Smith Joint Venture Design Build project with DiClemente Siegel as the Architect/Engineers

KEO has just completed extensive renovation at Wayne State University Engineering Core Lab. We would thank WSU for the opportunity ••• The Detroit Zoological Society will soon be unveiling the newly completed Belle Isle Nature Center which KEO is on the final leg of completing associated punch list items. Special thanks to DBA and DZS. ••• In July 2013, KEO was awarded the renovation of Owen Jax Community Center in Warren. We thank the City of Warren and look forward to including the City on KEO happy list of satisfied clients.

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